Q: What is estate jewelry?
A: Any item that is previous owned; this includes antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and preowned jewlery.

Q: My children do not want our jewelry. What should we do?
A: Have a fair evaluation and sell it for cash or have a Murray Act as a broker and sell it for you.

Q: My marriage broke up. What should I do with my Engagement ring?
A: Rose Estate will give you a current and fair price for your stone.

Q: Do you buy coins?
A: Yes. We have on our staff one of Chicago's foremost expert on coins.

Q: I just inherited a lot of my family's jewelry and I don't know what the value is?
A: Rose Estate Jewelers will be happy to meet with you and evaluate your jewelry at no charge.

Q: What about sterling silver and antiques?
A: Yes. Once again, we are fortunate have on our staff several experts in jewelry, paintings, fine crystal and china.

Q: How do I know I am receiving a fair price?
A: Murray is a local CHICAGOAN with many years of experience and knowledge. Be assured you will be treated properly.

Q: Will I be able to sell my merchandise if it’s scratched or damaged?
A: We have a network of people who know how to repair it. No matter what condition it’s in, we will make sure to find value in your merchandise.

Q: After my merchandise is appraised, will I be paid for it before leaving?
A: You can receive a payment for your merchandise, but you will also have the option of consignment.

Q: What is the advantage over auction houses or pawn stores?
A: Auction houses add many extra costs including insurance and commission. Pawn stores are not experts in estate jewelry and will not compensate you for its true value.