Tips For Selling Your Jewelry

Selling your personal or family member’s jewelry can be an emotional experience but at the same time very rewarding.  To make the process as smooth as possible, there are some simple steps to take to ensure you’re receiving top dollar for your items.

1.  Have your jewelry appraised professionally.
Regardless if you’re selling your items to a friend, in the classifieds or to a jeweler, it’s beneficial to know the value before selling.  Have a professionally trained jeweler with a GIA certification appraise your merchandise and make sure they are in good standings with the Better Business Bureau.

2.  Know the price of silver and gold.
If you’re selling gold or silver jewelry, make sure you’re receiving current market prices.  There are many sites that provide updated metal pricing including Kitco.com.

3.  Your gold may be worth more than its weight.
You can go to any gold buyer and they’ll be happy to pay you for its weight in gold.  But remember, you may be missing out on the retail value.  Scrap gold buyers do not take in account craftsmanship, the designer, or the year it was made.  The only person who would know its full value is a skilled jeweler who has many years of experience and has knowledge in the vast amount of designers.

4.  If you’re selling jewelry with diamonds, know the Four C’s.
The Four C’s determines the value of a diamond.   Walking in with some general knowledge of this appraising system will make sure the buyer is offering full price for your diamond.

5.  Have your items cleaned prior to selling.
Just like selling a car or home, cleaning your jewelry before selling will increase the chances of your items being sold.   Have your items washed professionally since doing it yourself may do more harm than good.  Rose Estate Jewelers provides free cleaning and appraisals for all jewelry.   If you do wash it and don’t find a buyer, having clean jewelry will at least extend of the life of your merchandise.